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News 16.05.19 - VC & CRAFT UPDATE
RF Online

News 12.05.19 - FLASH SALE !
RF Online

News 17.02.19 - Keep inviting your Friends and receive rewards


JOIN NOW AND GET YOU PVP READY ITEMS! SHOW YOURSELF IN REAL PVP!!   Redeem this code : UNTD-1234-5678-9100   INSTANT +5 SUPERIOR ARMOR and +5 RELIC WEAPON!  GameCP->Events-> Redeem Code   All items ...
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High Five Event !

You will receive Intense Weapon +5(5) of your Choice if........... 1. You invite 5 players to RF United. 2. They achieve level 50. 3. They PM us on the FaceBook page with their IGN and your IGN.
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