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News 16.04.19 - CHIP BREAKER & KILLER
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News 17.02.19 - Keep inviting your Friends and receive rewards

You're a Solo Player ? Don't Worry! We Have Special Reward For You!

Hi Soldiers! We have a good news for you (Solo Player), we just launched new Solo Pack for solo player. Interest ?? Absolutely yes!. With this you can do PvP-ing instantly without worrying about anything. How to get Solo Pack Reward ?, join...
Posted at 3rd Mar 2019 | Read more

New Events! You have a community ? Wants to play in our World ? Join Us! and get Guild Starter Pack for Free!

We added Unique,, GUILD PACKAGE'' reward system. Each Guild Leader can now reward his members via GameCP with armor and weapon. This package will make you PVP ready!   
Posted at 1st Mar 2019 | Read more

High Five Event !

You will receive Intense Weapon +5(5) of your Choice if........... 1. You invite 5 players to RF United. 2. They achieve level 50. 3. They PM us on the FaceBook page with their IGN and your IGN.
Posted at 3rd Jan 2019 | Read more